Why EmployeeMoney

Provide A Valuable Financial Wellness Program Option For Employees

The New Financial Workplace

Financial workplace wellness loans  are affordable personal loans that can be applied towards medical bills, an unplanned emergency, or that much needed family vacation.

Eligibility is based on current employment and job stability rather than employee’s credit score. Consider it an attractive alternative to other high-cost lender options.

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Which of the following have been impacted by your financial worries?

Employees admit that their financial worries have impacted their health, relationships, productivity and time away from work.

“37% of US employees working full-time report that they spend time at work thinking about or dealing with their finances.”

My Health0%
My Relationships At Home0%
My Productivity At Work0%
Missing Work Occasionally0%
None Of These0%

The Disconnect In Financial Wellness

Offering benefits that reduce an employee’s financial burden has an incredible impact on employee morale.

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