Why EmployeeMoney?

EmployeeMoney is a voluntary financial wellness workplace loan program for employees. The program funds affordable personal loans that can be used anywhere, anytime employees need to stretch their paychecks to make ends meet. Take control of your financial happiness without taking any hits to your credit score.


EmployeeMoney is the perfect alternative to high-cost credit options offered by banks or lenders.

Auto Repair

Home Repairs


Veterinary Care

Medical Expenses (Including Deductibles)

Job Stability

Eligibility is based solely on job status rather than credit score.

High Employee Eligibility

Builds credit history for employees with low scores or poor credit history.

Financial Wellness

Financial stability increases workplace happiness and productivity.

Dynamic Calculations

Affordability is strategically calculated to make sure employees are put in the best position.

Auto Pay

Sensible payments to EmployeeMoney are automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Live Customer Service

Live customer service available 24/7 when and where you need it.

Employer Benefits

Increases employee productivity as personal financial stresses dissipate

Encourages employees to save retirement funds for retirement

Eliminates the need for salary advances

Reduces turnover

Reward employee longevity and commitment

No employer liability or cost for the program

By considering the needs and employment history of each employee, EmployeeMoney is able to offer a tailored loan at a time when it is needed most.

Funded loans, between $2,000 and $7,000, are made available through EmployeeMoney’s online system and deposited directly into the employee’s bank account.

EmployeeMoney offers unsecured personal installment loans with 24-month terms.

Loan payments are made simple with automatic payroll deductions based on take-home pay affordability. EmployeeMoney wants all employees to feel confident in their ability repay.

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